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About Body Design Personal Training

Here at Body Design Training, we work hard to teach you that it’s never too late to get in shape, change your body! As one of the leading personal training firms in the Marietta area, we at Body Design Personal Training are proud to offer a complete range of fitness and weight loss options customized to meet your personal needs. Whatever your fitness goals may be, our courteous and professional staff will come through for you. Contact Body Design Personal Training today to learn more.

Body Design Personal Training's founder, Paul Feldman has an expansive background in physical fitness and at the age of 50, he still maintains his fitness. With over twenty-five years of top of the line experience, you can be assured that when you train with Body Design Personal Training, you are training with the best of the best. We have a dedication to the success standard that you are willing to set, and will do whatever it takes to get you the results that you wish to achieve through encouragement, acknowledgment of success, and a push to break through to the victory. We make it our mission to help adults who have reached the prime age of 40+ reach their fitness goals. Most adults give up trying to work out once they've turned 40 because they believe that they can't have a better body. We are here to prove that notion wrong, we provide fitness training for 40+ year olds that can have you looking great with the physique that you have always wanted. Contact Body Design Personal Training today for more information on our top of the line personal training and 40+ fitness services today!