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Testimonials about Body Design Personal Training

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"This guy gets it," says a Body Design client. Paul is the best because he is above the rest. Body Design creates the atmosphere for what it delivers: Private VIP personal training and a place of positive energy where everyone knows your name. Paul Feldman, owner and president, has over 25 years of business experience.

Feldman says, "I believe in each individual and the goals that he or she has set, whether it's getting in shape or losing weight. My job is to help my clients not only look better, but feel healthier and younger through exercise, improved nutrition, and cardiovascular activity. "

Although Feldman and his trainers welcome all age groups, the target age for clients is 40 and up. Paul Feldman is in his mid-40s and is a proven example of what exercise and good nutrition can do. "Most people don't realize that we all start losing muscle mass at 35 years old," he explains. "As the years' progress, muscle mass loss turns to fat. The way to combat this trend and improve metabolism is through exercise." Feldman's clients include all walks of life. He helps those with all types of health issues, including those with diabetes and pacemakers. He takes on the challenge of others with disabilities, including those in wheelchairs, to help them achieve their fitness goals. Nagging aches and pains and rehabilitation are his specialty.

The cost for Body Design VIP personal training is equivalent to the cost of personal training at most gyms, with no extra fees for memberships or nutrition programs. If you are interested in looking better and feeling healthier, contact Body Design Personal Training for a free consultation. Body Design is located at 2745 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta, GA. Be sure to call ahead; appointments are appreciated. You can reach Paul Feldman by giving us a call today.

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