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Meet the Trainers

Body Design Personal Training is led by the team of Paul Feldman, each with their own merits and accomplishments in personal training. Below are some of their respective backgrounds and personal achievements:

Paul Feldman, Founder and President of Body Design Personal Training

With 25 years of personal training and 15 years of fitness consulting, Paul has a deep understanding of physical education. He has certification by the NHCA, NFPT in personal training, CPR, NPC Judge, SNBF Judge, and is an Advanced SportsNuttrition Specialist. He was also a KSU Certified Instructor from 2006 to 2007 before opening his own school for personal trainers called the Body Design Institute in 2007. His fitness accomplishments include the following:

•1987: 1st Place, 18 yrs old, Mr. Tally Hall, MI
•1990: Overall Winner, Mr. Western Michigan
•1992: 1st Place, Mr. Capital City, OH
•1993: Overall Winner, Mr. Atlantic USA, GA
•1995: 1st Place, Muscle Classic, Maui, HI
•2003: 1st Place, Southern USA, FL
•2006: 1st Place, Carolina Clash, FL
•2014: 3rd Place, 46 yrs old, Las Vegas Classic

Paul's pledge is, "As professionals, we must remember to stay focused on our client goals and safety. I am creative, motivated and persistent with an open and welcome demeanor. I have a talent for making people feel at ease. Most importantly, I believe my clients will benefit from my experience and professional guidance."