Mindy Bucovaz
Paul is simply THE BEST trainer! He takes time to make sure You are using proper form and the correct weight. He watches you through every exercise And pushes you to levels you never thought you could achieve. Compared to when I work out on my own the the level of intensity is so much greater with Paul. He is so knowledgeable and answers all my questions I have about Nutrition ,cardio, and various workouts. He really is the man to see. He has taken my workouts to a whole nother level! I have never been more lean and have more muscle mass in my whole entire life. Before having Paul as a trainer I was just spinning my wheels doing the same cardio and light weight exercises not really knowing what I'm doing. Paul made it all seem so simple and is there to teach you new things Every day. He makes the gym feel like a home you get to know the Other members that are working out and it really is A family atmosphere. I cannot recommend Paul enough he has truly changed my life!!
Mindy B.
Paul is an amazing trainer he is so full of knowledge and will help you with nutrition and working out. He knows all the INS and outs and the proper way of building muscle and getting lean. He has The Secret!! He's flexible with scheduling and Really makes the gym feel like a second home. I am looking forward to many more years working with him and toning my body. He has changed my life and so many great ways. I feel more mentally clear call, I have more energy, I have more strength And I love the way I look now. Thanks Paul you are a blessing!!
Sharon Maples
When I started training with Paul I had been working out so I had a good solid base, but I felt like I had hit a wall and wasn't making any progress. Paul was able to (quickly) evaluate my current ability, and has done an amazing job mixing up my training, pushing me (which I love) to achieve more, and adding new training methods that I have really enjoyed and have re-energized my workouts. He is always watching my technique to prevent injury, encourages me to push myself, and is always right there to encourage. I watch him with clients with less experience than me and with clients that have more - he adapts each workout to each client. Lastly, what I really love, is he isn't watching the clock- he works with me until my workout is done! Definitely worth the investment!
Martha Vattelana
I've lost 14 pounds within the first couple of months! But more importantly, Paul understands that life happens, he is extremely flexible in working around your schedule. He wants to help you become a healthier you! Thank you Paul for being an AMAZING support system!!!
Danielle Collins
I started strength training with Paul in August I can feel the difference in my health, energy level and endurance. Paul is very professional and he have a compassion for what he does, he takes pride in helping people. He never let me or anyone else in his gym settle for less he works you hard and you will get results. I’m grateful that I found Body Design. If you want to look better, feels better change your lifestyle to a healthier one give Paul a call you will not regret it💪🏾
Tom Blair
I’m having a great experience at Body Design! Paul is a great trainer, patient, fun, and energetic. He has several clients to keep up with but always remembers where you last left off, remembers the proper weight for your exercises, and has your routine ready to go right when you pop through the door. He staggers his clients in a way that keeps him busy, yet gives each person good one-on-one time and focus. During this pandemic period while we are all expressing caution over the virus outbreak, Paul is great about keeping a clean environment, and reminding his clients to stay clean during and after workouts, including wiping down equipment immediately after use, etc. I would highly recommend this gym. Paul brings a fresh positive outlook on life, and helps you to focus on being your best. Don’t hesitate to check it out!
Robert Weatherton
I have been working out at Body Design for three months now and it has been amazing! Having played sports throughout my life, I am no stranger to the gym and various workout regimens. So I have never really had much interest in the personal training route. However, training with Paul has been not only fun and educational, but I have also had some of the fastest progress ever. He really takes time to understand my goals and to tailor my workouts to achieving them. I have had various injuries at times and he keeps this In mind during each session. The other great thing about Body Design is the overall energy that Paul has established here and how friendly everyone is. This is an “appointment only” gym and the level of personal attention and motivation really makes a difference. I believe this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my personal health and well-being. I highly recommend giving it a try.
Scott T.
I've been going to Body Design for a month now and I can't say enough great things about Paul. From our initial consultation covering nutrition, cardio, and weight training, it's been a great experience. Paul genuinely cares about his clients and is there to encourage you to perform your best, getting that last rep in.
Jeanel Wayne Midkiff
If your looking to loose weight and get in shape I highly recommend Paul at Body Design Personal Training. I first trained with Paul about 15 years ago. If your willing to put in the hard work then he’s the best trainer to get you where you want to be. He got me to my goal weight and I was in the best shape I have ever been in. My energy level increased and my overall health Improved training with him and following the meal plan he set up. I’m now back for a second time and I have no doubt he will help me reach my goal again. Thank you Paul, your the best!